Darcy Lewis - [3/10 scenes] "Oh, my God! This is going on Facebook. Smile!"

Are you jealous of the swordplay? Do you ever wish you could get a little more in the way of kind of brutal killing action going on?

IF ANYONE CARES i made a football/soccer blog so follow it if you’d like!!


Fangirl Challenge: Male Characters [3/15] Peter Quill/Star-Lord 

 Hi, I’m Star-Lord. I’m with the Guardians of the Galaxy. I’d flash you my business card, but my hands are too full of guns.

"You don’t need to change your personality. Just be yourself and stay happy!”


VMAN #30 “Ride The Lightning”  //  Dane DeHaan by Ryan McGinley

whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy shall possess the power of thor

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

Perfect is very boring, and if you happen to have a different look, that’s a celebration of human nature, I think. If we were all symmetrical and perfect, life would be very dull.

the avengers, 2012. dir. by joss whedon.

we could use a little worse.

 “If people want to say I seem too nice to be a footballer, that’s good. It’s just the way I am.”

Take care of little ass-kicker, and Carl. That’s one tough kid.

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”